Macro Photography

The cameras of our mobile phone are increasingly more and more complete, which has led us to offer you tips and tricks with which to take even more advantage of the mobile’s macro lens, the great one forgotten in many cases when taking photos but which is present in the infinity of mobiles. Its possibilities go beyond approaching only one object, we must take into account many factors with which we will achieve worthwhile results.

Macro Photography

Know everything you have to take into account to ensure that your macro photos are not just any photos. These tips can be applied on any smartphone with a macro lens, in addition, we will not notice differences between devices of greater or lesser price since the lens in these cases needs a few megapixels to be able to offer us images at the height given the proximity.

Prepare the Macro Lens for Photos

First of all, what we must do to get macro photos that speak for themselves, is to clean the cameras of our mobile. It may seem coherent, but we will notice, especially at such short distances, great differences if we have specks of dust or some element that interrupts the passage of light to the lens.

Then we will go to the camera application of our mobile and look for the option to activate it. In many mobiles, it is found at the top with the icon of a flower and in others, we can find it in the camera modes. Once activated we must be careful not to deactivate it before taking a photo or the result may not be as desired.

Come without fear

We must not forget at any time that we are using the macro lens, which is designed to take photos of between 1.5 centimetres in the best cases, up to 3 centimetres on other mobiles. Depending on our case we will have to test it manually or know the specifications of our smartphone.

If we do not get close enough we will have problems with the image and that is why we encourage you to get closer without fear so that the photo is as spectacular as possible.

Manual focus is a must

Although our mobile phone has autofocus, one of the necessary tricks when using the mobile’s macro lens is manual focus. It is likely that it will automatically take too long to focus and you will end up despairing of not achieving the desired result. To do it correctly and that our photo does not come out of focus, we remind you to do it manually, getting a more exact and precise result.

We will do this by approaching the element we want to photograph and without moving by touching it on the screen. It will automatically focus and the small lens will be able to offer us maximum sharpness before taking the picture.

Change perspective to improve results

As in all types of photography that we can do with the mobile, for example, landscape photography, we must change the way we see things. We have the possibility, especially in macro photography, to change the way we look, we cannot resign ourselves to getting close to the object and shooting.

We always have the possibility to move the object or ourselves, which allows us to test various angles to check how light falls on such a small element. After several tests, we will know how to recognize our favourite option and we will get an unrepeatable photo that will be very difficult to imitate.

Control Exposure

Our mobile is a complete photography tool and with it we can make authentic works of art. To take advantage of all its functions and achieve the best results in macro photography, we must make use of the exposure control that so many joys can give us with a simple gesture.

After having focused on the specific element that we want to photograph with the macro lens, we will only have to slide the sidebar to adjust the exposure to the situation. We will see on the screen how the changes behave and we will be able to choose which is the exact point where we will be able to highlight the details of the element to be photographed.

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