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Experience as an interpreter/translator:

Since graduation from the university, I have worked as a free-lance simultaneous interpreter for diverse international organizations in Washington D.C., New York, and other cities. My principal employers have been the US. Department of State, United States Information Agency, Organization of American States, Pan American Health Organization, newsgathering organizations and various other private and international organizations. I have participated in sensitive bilateral and multilateral negotiations, including treaties, charter reforms, general assemblies, technical and scientific conferences of every kind, and journalistic assignments. Among the most noteworthy are: bilateral extradition treaties between Colombia and the US, reform of the OAS. Charter, negotiations between the OAS and M19 guerrillas holding diplomatic hostages in the Dominican Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia, missions with OAS’ Commission for Human Rights in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru and many others. I have also interpreted at the Presidential level on many occasions I have had extensive experience in television, interpreting live for numerous press conferences, debates and interviews and translating and dubbing documentaries and other pieces. I interpreted Walter Mondale in the Presidential Debates in 1984 and many of Ronald Reagan’s press conferences for the Spanish International Network (SIN) now called Univision. I have also worked for CBS News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Television New Zealand in the studio and in the field in numerous assignments.

As a translator, I have translated a novel and many scientific, social and political papers and documents. In 1992 I was selected to translate the Truth and Reconciliation Report on human rights abuses by the military regime.

Since moving to Chile in early 1988, I have interpreted in practically every major conference and for every private and governmental organization, including the O.A.S. General Assembly, ECLAC, FAO, UNESCO, etc. In 1992 I became President Patricio Aylwin’s interpreter and accompanied him in some of his official visits abroad. In November 1994 I had the opportunity of accompanying Pres. E. Frei in his trip to Asia and interpreted in the APEC summit in Bogor, Indonesia. To see the book that I have translated recently. at Amazon: Pinochet, Chile and the Caravan of Death.

Experience as photojournalist and writer:

Since 1973, I have been freelancing as a photojournalist and writer, covering some of the most important stories in Latin America, such as the coup in Chile, the war in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and other big stories in Latin America. My work has been represented by Gamma-Liaison (1977-1981), Picture Group (1981-1987), Woodfin Camp and Associates (1987-1990). I have had numerous overseas assignments for diverse publications such as Newsweek, Washington Post Magazine, Playboy, Financial Times, and smaller publications. My work has been reproduced in many books and photographic anthologies. I have frequently worked for NGOs and other international organizations, photographing their annual reports and other publishing needs. In 1981, I won first prize in an international contest called by the Mexican magazine Proceso and the publishing house Nueva Imagen for a photographic book on militarism in Latin America. The prize, which was awarded by a jury comprised of Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Córtazar, Ariel Dorfman, Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, Theotonio Dos Santos and others, included the publication of my book “Con Sangre en el Ojo,” and the US $ 10,000. I have worked as the field producer for several television documentaries in Central and South America. I also write free-lance for several US publications regularly on Latin American subjects.